What is haram for a woman? – Tattoo Picture

You know, for a Muslim woman in the West? [Islam] is much more against you and is very much against what you do, so you have to do the most you can. [This was how he explained the practice].

Why is it haram to drink from a man’s hand? That’s also for women. The hand of the man who drinks is his own hand but the hand of the woman does not belong to him [but to herself]. If she drinks from another man’s hand, it is her own hand; if she drinks in a man’s mouth, it is not her own hand. If that were the case we would not need laws that prohibit women from drinking.

Another woman asked whether anyone may marry or have relations with her, if in his heart there is suspicion or apprehension regarding her purity of character. The answer was that she cannot marry except if her parents allow it. In that case she cannot have relations with anyone or have intimacy. It is not possible for a Muslim woman to have sexual relations.

I also saw this problem of female virginity. It was said that this was haram because if a man has sexual relations with his virgin wife and then rapes her, he may be accused of adultery. However, since the husband has not raped her, and there is no accusation of adultery against the woman, it is not haram. That was really surprising.

I saw many people who would not take part in any religious ritual or religious prayer, even when their husbands were praying.

Why would there be such a strong feeling toward virginity? What is wrong with taking your husband’s virginity? What is wrong with taking the husband’s wife’s virginity? [This was the view of those asked who were in favor of those who were virgins] But there are many women who want to take their husbands’ virginity and there are many men who want to take their wives’ virginity. And neither do their husbands want them. Therefore this is a very strong, serious, fundamental, unswerving opinion because these women and these men, they are both of the opposite opinion.

The reason I wanted to ask about this was that I found this in Egypt. For example, in Egypt during the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom performs a prayer and it is a religious ritual. This is done when the bride or husband has been married for four years. The bridegroom sits and he prays and then one of the priestesses takes a cup of wine from a tray

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