What is haram for a woman? – Tattoo Designs On Thigh For Women

It is the act of not performing her duty due to any fault of her body. When you are given a problem of your mind, you are advised to take the law into your hands.

3. Do not give in to your evil desire

Many women go into an ecstasy and commit sexual assault. No woman does that to man! She takes the law into her hands. It is she who would find fault of her sexual desire. In such a case, the person responsible must have done some fault while giving women their sexual pleasure. We are not the only ones to take women’s fault as a woman but we have to take action now that our society is under a lot of pressure.

4. Do not indulge in illicit sex

Let us keep an ear out for any act that will bring our country down. A few of them are:

1. Smoking.

2. Drinking alcohol in public places.

3. Sexual intercourse through an open door.

4. Sexual intercourse in public places under cover of darkness.

5. Sexual intercourse in public places by a boy that is a minor.

6. Making out in public place while looking at a young woman.

7. Excessive use of alcohol.

8. Making out with a girl on the street in public place.

9. Sexual intercourse in public places when intoxicated.

10. Making out with a girl while looking at her.

11. Engaging in lewd and inappropriate conversation such as: “I love you” “I love you in your shirt” “I love you in your pant” “I love you under the clothes” “I love you in a brit and a british shirt”.

12. Using inappropriate sexual language.

13. Gambling in front of young people.

14. Sexual intercourse with a boy or girl.

15. Inappropriate behaviour towards a lady.

16. Masturbation

17. Making out in public place.

18. Improperly showing their breasts.

19. Sexual intercourse without a condom.

20. Sexual intercourse while using pornography.

21. Using a condom when getting married with a girl under 18 years.

What are the ways to deal with sexual addiction?

First of all, it has to be understood that everyone gets addicted to sex. It can happen to anyone. You could have an addiction to porn or

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