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The Quran says, “And who is better than a believing slave of God, than a wife who fears God (and does not commit adultery) and verily a believing slave is a reward from God. And whoever desires a good report (among you) is one who fears God.” (4:34)

So the Quran says a wife who fears Allah (is better than a wife who is a slave of a man).

“And who is more noble than a believer woman, than to fear God? Verily a believing slave is more valuable to his master than one who is a slave of a man.” (4:35)

“And Allah will not call to account those who say, “We have wives.” Verily those are the ones who belong to the Fire, and whosoever is given the Book [by His command], will be sent for (the torment of) Fire.” (4:41)

For a woman to be a good, devout Muslim is very important. She is the best possible Muslim for her husband at any point of time. To be a good Muslim means she knows that Allah has told her “You are a Muslim.” She has believed from the beginning even when she was made a slave at the age of four.

Some Muslims are so insecure about this fact that they never believe the Quran’s teaching that it is a better form of marriage to have a slave. This includes women who became slaves in Muslim societies after the prophet Muhammad died and not by the order of Allah.

As far back as the early seventh century, the great Arab scholar Ibn al-Nafis said, “A slave or a wife cannot be a good Muslim unless she is good and devout.”

Ibn al-Nafis said that a woman who is a slave does not become a good Muslim, and the way in which a woman become good in Islam is by believing the Quran.

It is very easy for a woman who believes the Quran in such a manner to avoid any sexual relations with men who do not believe it. But the truth is that some female slaves had sex with all the men in the Islamic world throughout the seventh century, during that time a large amount of sexual relations took place between men and women. And as you read the Islamic literature, you will find many examples of the “good woman” who avoided sexual relations and lived the life of a saint while having relations with her master. It is because in Islam a woman does not

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