What is a tattoo design?

It’s a tattoo design that we all have a certain fondness for. Whether it’s a cartoon, a quote, or a quote from a loved one. Tattoo designs are a great way to express yourself because they’re often in a very personal way, which is something we all love to do.

Do you ever worry about the legality of your work?

It’s a lot of fun when you feel that you have a certain style that is going to stand the test of time! It can be quite daunting to get started, particularly when you’re starting out because you’re thinking of the cost of it all. Sometimes it may even be the difference between going out and having a tattoo in your office or a friend’s that you can get a really nice design from. When you start out, it can seem a bit daunting, but with patience and a bit of luck you’ll find yourself tattooing something that really looks great.

Where do you get your work?

I get a lot of work done at one studio in LA. There’s a lot of talented artists on staff there but I often do it in my house.

How long does it usually take to get something done?

It varies though. A lot of people just have the tattoo finished but not finished. Once you start getting something done you’ve got to put on a lot of pressure.

What is a good tip for getting started?

Try to get a good design with a few simple steps so it’s not difficult to get started. Then you can work from there. You don’t need to rush yourself into anything. Just start with a little bit of money and see how it goes.

As a tattoo artist – were there any memorable tattoos that really captured your passion for art?

I’ve had so many amazing designs that I feel like there are very few. I’ve been through so many stages of life since I got my tattoo! I’ve had everything from tattoos that are really simple and just wanted to say something. I’ve had some big commissions, big names in the business, big things in my life that I really wanted to do.

What tattoo design have you got the hardest to get done?

My wife has been working on my tattoo for eight months. She’s done all the designs she can think of and I’ll put her to bed at 6pm and then go home and start doing another one by 6am. I just want to have everything finished by