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A Samoan tattoo is a unique tattoo designed to take the shape and appearance of a piece of jewelry. This tattoo is typically found across the back of a person. It is not typically visible from the outside because that would cause confusion in finding it.

What causes a Samoan tattoo?

There are several reasons why you might receive a Samoan tattoo. However, the most common reasons are:

When a person has been abducted and is being held by someone else, they are generally put into a coffin. When they enter their body, they typically get a Samoan tattoo in an effort to identify them.

A person has a family member, friend, or relative killed by crime and they are placed in a coffin made of wood or fabric. When they enter their body, they have the tattoo made on their chest. This is believed to be a form of reparations.

A person has had surgery performed on them for a skin injury such as a tattoo or piercing. This type of tattoo occurs when you are undergoing surgery for a chronic or other medical condition.

Some people receive Samoan tattoos because of their Native American heritage or because the Native American tribes that tattoo the people they care about have made special arrangements for tattooing.

What is an O-ring tattoo?

If you’re an O-ring tattoo wearer, you are likely getting a Samoan tattoo so that you can show your love to the Samoan women. Many people say this has its roots in a Samoan tattoo that was given as a parting gift to a Native American man who was about to cross the ocean.

Many people who love the Samoan women will wear O-rings on the outer half of their necks when they kiss them. That is also a Samoan tattoo style because some of the women get them in love making the relationship look like a happy married couple.

There’s an old story about a guy who got a tattoo of a Samoan symbol on the inside of his cheek. This caused some confusion and eventually a dispute on whether or not it should have been the symbol of a Samoan woman.

The tattoo is a form of communication to the women in the tattoo circle. When they see it, they don’t understand how another has known the tattoo when they are not in the tattoo circle.

The tattoos are meant to be self-expression.

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