What is a glyph symbol?

It’s a series of symbols, each with one unique purpose. For example, the letter G has four uses – to identify it is the letter V, to indicate it is the letter X, to indicate it is the letter Q, and to indicate it is the letter L. The symbol for the letter T, while not in the same order as the others, is the letter S.

To find and describe the glyphs that represent our letter symbols, we’ll use their glyph definitions:


“Character” are the elements that make up a symbol. Each character is made up of two parts – the character’s shape and the letter itself. The first part is the letter’s shape and the second part is the character of the letter; for example, the letter M has the shape of a triangle, but it’s the shape that makes it the letter M. The first part of a character represents the shape it will take, the second part describes how it will be used in a text.

In our case, the letter A has the shape of a V, and therefore will be used to identify the letter V. The second part of our A character is the letter C and is used to identify the letter Q. For example, the Q glyph is in fact the glyph C.

Each glyph is represented by a name – the part that makes up the character.

Coding System

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Our glyph symbol definitions follow the convention found in the International Unicode Standard, which provides the same standardization rules. However, this convention is not always followed. For example, we are not using our own unique identifier in our text, because it doesn’t have a name and thus doesn’t have a glyph. We are instead using an older algorithm that is used for the U.S. and several other European languages. We will be using this algorithm for the rest of this tutorial.

Symbols themselves don’t have a name. Instead, we use a numeric identifier to match their shape in our text, which in turn tells the engine which character is the same as another one. For example, the font we designed for the example has a symbol that looks like the font H, so when we read the H, this is our code that tells the engine which glyph to use to translate the letter H.

To find the glyphs for each character, all we have to do is look at the list in this table:

Codes are case sensitive, and you will have to manually