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The glyph symbol tells you the language that was used on the glyph. If you have another language on the same glyph, you’ll have to know it as well, as you can’t look at the glyph symbol and guess what language the glyph came from.

How do I read glyphs? What does a glyph symbol look like?

You can find a page that breaks glyph symbols down and how to read them.

I have found a glyph I need to find out more about! Can the glyph be converted to another language?

There are two ways to find a glyph: (1) by looking at another glyph and translating it to your language, or (2) by translating the glyph into another language. Translating a glyph onto another language can be done via the International Phonetic Alphabet.

What if I don’t know a Chinese character? What should I do?

If you don’t know a Chinese glyph, you can always find it by looking at other glyphs and translating them into each other language. In this way you will be able to find the glyph you’re looking for.

Can I find a Chinese glyph by searching on Google?

Yes, search for Chinese glyph symbols on google.com. You will almost always be able to find something related to Chinese and most of the time there are images showing you how to translate it to Chinese.

What is the International Phonetic Alphabet?

This is an alphabet created for use on computer keyboards. For this website, we need to translate a Chinese glyph into Chinese.

When it comes to finding glyph symbols, though, we don’t use the alphabet as an aid to find symbols we don’t know the symbols for, so we will need to translate them to another language.

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabet created to use on computer keyboards. The IPA consists of 23 alphabets, which are each formed from two to nine glyphs of symbols.
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There are several IPA symbols you will find on this site, all of which are translatable to Chinese. All of the IPA symbols have a Chinese equivalent for the first letter, but you might have to do some extra work to find your own symbols.

To help you with this translation, the translators here have made an IPA chart that will explain the IPA symbols that will be found on this site (click on the IPA symbols above). If you notice a symbol not listed

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