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A day after President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he had ordered the killing of 3,000 criminals, he said he would not give a “big lecture” to the American people because of its military intervention in Southeast Asia.

He was speaking during a discussion on a bill to abolish the death penalty in the Philippine parliament late Monday night in Quezon City.


Duterte said he would be willing to talk with Washington and others regarding the issue.

If someone in the U.S. wants to “talk about it,” let them speak about it, he said.

The President’s remark came after the Senate unanimously passed the death penalty abolition bill, which the House of Representatives had already approved on December 9.

“I am not going to speak (about the death penalty) because everybody knows what death penalty is,” Duterte said.

He later clarified the statement, calling himself “a man of peace.”

Duterte said that death penalty would be abolished in the “future” when he reaches the post of President.

Duterte made the remark only after Congress passed the bill, which allows the government to carry out extrajudicial killings of suspected criminals.

Earlier, he told reporters that he would kill criminals, including members of the drug trade, in a “beautiful and dignified way” if he becomes the President, according to Philippine News Agency reports.

Duterte said he was willing to talk if the U.S. or any other country is willing to talk among itself.


“If they have that capability, they should talk then,” he said.

The President made the statement shortly before the Senate unanimously approved the bill to abolish the death penalty.

Last October, Duterte was widely criticised, including from the United Nations, for his remarks in a speech in Davao City when he said those who did “not know” about him should come to Mindanao, or Philippines, to “see” him.

According to reports, more than 3,000 have been allegedly killed in extrajudicial killings since Duterte assumed power of the country.

The President said earlier this month that the “problem” of drugs should be tackled not by targeting people to “punish” them for their own drug use, but by giving them “a better future