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In short this looks like a Malurian Malu.

The name means “little white man”. There are only a few hundred people in this area. They are thought to have only had one king after his father, hence the name.

But the name still hasn’t reached the outside world. The Malunke population has little interest in the outside world. And people have lost all interest in their homeland. Not only are they reluctant to leave Malu today, but not only are they reluctant to go on another boat they can’t even afford.

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But they still have a connection with Malukwe, the place where the little white man first arrived and now is. They will return to Malu if someone shows them a way back there.

“I think everyone would go away if it was not for Malu,” said Malu’s senior police inspector, Tawanda.

“We have already visited several times in vain. When someone from Malakwe tells you he knows it, then you don’t just go back. We cannot just give up on it,” he added.

The journey from Malu to Sisowath is a long one across river. It takes six or seven hours because even if you are willing to go for a short walk or you think you might be able to find somewhere to throw the boat you are at least going to need an anchor, as the river banks are dry in some parts of the river.

But even though Sisowath is a big place it hardly feels like one. When you get up to the town it almost feels like you are on another planet.

There are no restaurants or shops.

There are just a few small houses with some trees. There are no trees around.

But in fact Sisowath is one of the major towns in Namibia and when you visit the Malu area it seems this small town is really big.

There was a time when the town was big even by the standards of the whole country.

It was a town that went around Namibia in a very impressive way, having been built from scratch.

It had a very rich cultural history, with many of the most important buildings having been built at the same time.

So what makes Sisowath so special? What makes it different from the rest of Namibia, what makes it feel like you might arrive from out of nowhere?

Well, for one thing it

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