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Most contemporary Catholic churches teach that a person who is judged for the sin of abortion, as well as for a crime of the same category, is to be cremated.[3]

The Catholic Church teaches that the practice of executing the condemned for crimes they committed before they died should not be condemned. In the United States, the Supreme Court has never said that the right to a Catholic burial is violated when a person is executed for certain crimes.[4]

Pope Paul VI in his message to the Church of England on January 12, 1978 said, “All human activities, including euthanasia and the termination of life in the womb, that the conscience of a Christian may object to must, if the conscience of this Christian deems it fitting, be permissible.”[5]

Pope John Paul II in his Message to the United States Synod of Bishops in 1994 affirmed, “The Church reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the dignity of every person, especially those people whose only crime is that of being born.” He also said, “The Church is particularly concerned about euthanasia, which as such it finds offensive to most human beings. The Church is also concerned about the death of the young and the terminally ill.” The bishops of the United States Synod of Bishops expressed concern about the recent use of euthanasia and the possible loss of life through it.[6]

When should persons who have been convicted be killed?

Catholic doctrine allows euthanasia to be used when life, for any reason, must be terminated because of physical or mental impairment.[7] In some circumstances, that may include the cases of physical or mental illness, to protect the life or health of the person.

When does the killing have to be done?

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In the United States Catholic doctrine states that a person needs to have the voluntary consent of his or her own attorney to be killed (under state law, this consent must be given in writing by the attorney before execution). When someone is executed for any crime, such as rape, sodomy, or homicide, the State need not provide a written consent before execution.[8]

When should an execution take place?

According to Catholic doctrine, an execution should take place as soon as the execution is approved by three members of a three-judge bench or a justice. However, this does not mean the execution will occur without delay.

In Catholic countries, the death penalty is limited to one year of incarceration and up to the full range of punishments

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