What does the Bible say about tattoos?

To answer this question, we know which verses mention tattoos. They are

2 Timothy 3:1–4

1, I urge that no (a good) man depart out of the church of God

2. in which the Holy Ghost is encouraged to dwell.

3, For the time will come when people will not endure sound doctrine,

4 and vicious practice, but seeking to be approved by men of sin, for their own

own destruction.

4, This will come about when a person is ashamed to bring a verse of scripture

against another; and when a man departs out of the Church of God in which

the Holy Ghost is encouraged to dwell, in order to make a name for himself,

and not his brother’s.

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I had the chance to sit down with the team at Playdead, the studio behind the hit game, Limbo.

They are very passionate, intelligent, and I could definitely sense their love. I would describe them a bit like the young team behind a great first year computer science course and their games are just great fun. The only thing, and this is for real, I found strange was the way some of the other game studios talk. I didn’t even need to try and figure out why. The way they talked made me feel like a weird outsider. They even started an internal group to help them learn about the industry and how to interact with other studios to improve it. It is cool and I love it.

Before we get into the interview I wanted to highlight a few things about Playdead: they are a team of developers, with a studio, a bunch of friends, and, if you have a sense of perspective and look beyond that, they are a group of developers who love what they do. If you’re excited by what they do you are a good person. There is no ego, they aren’t trying to be the best in the world they just love what they do. And that they love what they do.

I have an idea… How about that… what was the experience like working with Playdead and what did you find interesting about them?

I love them and want to make games. It is difficult for me to talk about what it was like. I had a ton of fun