What does new school tattoo mean?

It is not uncommon for schools to offer students tattoos following graduation for various reasons. For some students this is a way to show their pride in their academic achievements, for others it is a way to show they are self-sufficient and to show the community they are prepared to serve and to be a voice for the disadvantaged. Some students also choose to have their tattoo done to reflect the school they go to and who they are.

How will I know it has been approved?

In the UK, new school tattoos are usually approved, but in the USA it is very hard for schools to check the legitimacy of a student’s application before they ink the ink. In the USA, schools are generally required to make a determination about the legitimacy of a client’s claim, rather than simply having the tattoo removed if deemed appropriate. However there are still some cases where schools or parents must intervene and ensure their child received a school or individual approved ink before their decision can be finalised.

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