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New School T-shirt from Japantico. It’s available for delivery today!! I will continue to update this thread for you to get more details!

New School T-shirts are 100% combed ringspun cotton

Double Stitched and Smocked with a Contrast Contrast collar

Woven double tongue collar with black stitching

125+ Stunning Arm Tattoos For Women – Meaningful Feminine ...
Sleeves are made of 100% combed ringspun cotton and double needlepointed

This is a brand new design from Japantico and it’s great for your wardrobe too! A new style of T-shirt at a great price! You can see how it’s styled with the collar & shirt in the photo to the right.

New School T-shirt $39.99 USD

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What is the relationship between a good and bad man? There are two very different types of men who may be identified as good and bad, according to an article by psychologist William James in Modern Psychology.

James’ article, published on Sept. 3, 1892, focused on the type of men who are considered either good “witnesses of the good” or bad “witnesses of the evil,” or “bad men” or “good men.”

James was writing in response to the 19th century philosopher Edmund Burke, who was arguing that “bad” men were not necessarily worse than “good” men; they simply had different perspectives. In other words, even though Burke may have called bad men “fools who are not fools,” Burke may have been right, according to James — that a good man is a man who can give testimony to the good.

Some philosophers believe they can be good, as well. For instance, Plato in his famous “Anabasis” wrote about the character of Socrates who was considered “good,” but was nonetheless “not wise.” Plato also believed, apparently, that the good were also the good, even if they did not necessarily know this about themselves. Plato believed he could be both good and wise. But, as James notes, Plato is no longer considered the quintessential philosopher of good men. Instead, it is modern-day philosophers such as Francis Fukuyama who think that men are good just because they are born good or men are good just based on some sort of universal morality.

James’ article is the best source for understanding why there is

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