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It can look very similar to your regular tattoo but it’s called a flash tattoo as it was designed specifically for the flash flash of your flash tattoos to appear.

The flash tattoo itself does not contain any tattooing and is a unique feature of the tattoo.

It is the same style as your regular tattoos because flash tattooing has evolved over many years, with some being very recent.

A flash tattoo is the result of applying ink to a piece of skin on its surface.

It takes a lot of the pressure off the skin so it’s ideal for sensitive skin, so you can’t get hurt but it still looks as though you’ve been tattooed!

How well does flash tattoo work?

Like normal tattoos, a flash tattoo will fade for up to six months.

This can’t be said for all types of tattoos as they will be more resistant to fading because of the way nature makes the skin work.

A couple of things to note about flash tattooing…

Some of the characteristics of flash tattooing include it being visible for up to eight hours when visible and at night, so don’t rush out and buy a flash tattoo if you’re worried about its lasting effects on your skin.

When should you get flash tattoos?

Get some when you’ve had your regular tattoo, or if you still haven’t got one yet.

It won’t be as intense as your regular tattoo and will give you more flexibility over what you want it to portray.

When should you remove your flash tattoos?

If you’ve been using flash tattoos long enough and wish to get rid of them then it is possible.

The only issue here is that this takes an enormous amount of pressure off the skin and if you want to get rid of them then remove them sooner rather than later as it can cause further problems.

There’s a reason why it is best to remove flash tattoos immediately. If you leave your flash tattoos on for a while longer the result can be something like scars instead of a tattoo that people will be impressed with.

What is a reverse flash tattoo?

A reverse flash tattoo is similar to the flash tattoo and only for the reverse – the skin being hidden in plain sight without a tattoo.

It is also much less common but once again, it is possible. You may think you’ve done it and then find on eBay that nobody wants to pay for it.

That’s a shame

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