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Most traditional tattoos are made of human skin from animals. Human skin tattooing requires a tattoo artist with a medical degree to provide a medical, surgical, or advanced prosthetic, and the ability to take the skin of the animal and draw the design into a tattoo.

Tattooing with animal skin is not limited to human or animal skin; some tattoo artists do animal skin tattoos.

What do the words tattooed on an animal mean?

The animal tattoo in the United States is made of the animal’s own skin, using advanced medical technology, so the tattoos are made of a new, synthetic layer and with a unique tattoo-making process.

What types of tattoos can be made with animal skin?

Tattoos can be for all animals, including humans. Animal tattoos can be simple or complex designs using animal skin, and are made of multiple layers.

Some animal tattoo designs include:

A cross-stitched animal with human fingers

A cross-stitched animal with human eyes

Tattooed animals with human ears, mouth, and nose

Animal tattoo designs made with tattoo machine (not inkjet) are usually made of a single, solid layer.

What is an animal-skin tattoo?

Human-skin tattoos are made from animal skin, and are made using tattooing machines to create a complex, intricate design. Animal-skin tattoos are made of a different, artificial material. It is very expensive to do, requires two to three months of special training, and is usually done using a tattoo machine and the animal skin is typically kept on permanent display at the tattoo center.

How can I get my own dog or cat tattooed?

Color Tattoo, Wrist Tattoo, Tattoo Design For Female & Tattoo ...
Tattoos can be for either pets or people. Dog tattoos do not have to be permanent.

The animal tattoo should be a cross-stitch pattern that is designed to show the animal’s fur on the skin. Tattoos can be in the animals general areas or a single tattoo where the animal’s entire body is visible. Tattoos can be done in many colors and can vary much more in details.

Tattoo artists and tattoo centers use a unique technology called tattoo ink to draw animal tattoos, and the process can vary depending on the tattoo artist and the tattoo center. The tattoos can differ in color, length, depth, lines, and type of detail. Most tattoo artists will use a different machine compared to a tattoo machine that produces ink.

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