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Where does art originate? I don’t know a great deal about tattooing, but I know there is something about it that I enjoy. I appreciate that it is a personal preference of mine and my art. I guess I have a bit of the “feel good” to it.”

It is not a question of who is going to win the Republican presidential nomination. If Ted Cruz is the establishment choice, it will be because his own party has put up with his bullying and his attacks on conservatives in order to win. The establishment cannot tolerate a Trump candidacy and has tried to block him from gaining support in its ranks. The anti-establishment candidate has not been nominated.

But if a conservative like Marco Rubio loses both his own primary and his party’s (and perhaps his own presidency) to a man who has attacked his wife and his parents, and who is proposing building a wall to keep non-Latinos from entering the U.S. under the guise of a temporary solution to an ongoing problem while deporting millions, then surely we should vote for him.

This is not about conservative versus libertarian, even though that is clearly the focus of this column. It is about who is best suited to lead the Republican Party from now until the Nov. 8 general election.

The last four years of George W. Bush’s presidency have been a disaster for the party. Republicans are now seen as the party of “big government” rather than what it really is: A party of principle, a party that is fighting back and challenging the establishment.

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It’s tempting to conclude that Rubio is the candidate who will help pull the party back from the abyss and provide a shot in the arm at its next presidential ticket. The answer is a resounding no. We are better off going forward with Cruz.

Even if Rubio loses, he will still have the potential to become the Republican establishment’s favorite to win back the White House. That party’s primary voters should look at the two front-runners and decide whether either is the real deal. But Rubio should not run for president; he should be an establishment choice.

Rubio has a long record of bad behavior as a Senate candidate based on his own words and actions. He has alienated his fellow Floridians and even his state by saying things that he knows to be false, or by saying the wrong things, or just by having a personal preference for a certain course of action. He cannot make any of them right.

Rubio’s record is

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