What are the major sins in Islam? – Tattoo Designs Templates Printable

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1. Apostasy

2. The taking of life (which is not permitted without the permission of the Islamic ruler)

3. The killing of a Muslim, even when he is fighting other Muslims.

4. Blasphemy against the prophet, the life of the Prophet, the saints and the messengers.

5. Divorce from your husband (without the permission of the Islamic ruler, and he can take back his “divorce” if he deems it just or right).

6. Homosexual acts, also “proscribed by Islam” are allowed

7. Un-Islamic practices such as stoning criminals and having children without married consent

8. A woman can legally divorce her husband any time and on any reason, without his consent (but only if her husband can’t physically force her to keep her relationship.)

9. The practice of mixing men and women, and of keeping women as sex slaves and/or sexual slaves to a specific man (except if he is the uncle of her husband, in which case she is not free to do so.)

10. Blasphemy against the prophet (except in the Muslim country where it becomes an offense only to criticize the prophet in public but it is no crime to criticize him in private).

12. The use of drugs, alcoholism, homosexuality, prostitution and incest, even if “in the public” or “in the heart” (unless the law allows them, which it usually does), are all forbidden by Islamic law.

15. The practice of incest (not even to kill, not to give as gifts, not to have sex during the Muslim month of Ramadan, etc.), while this is certainly an issue that will cause conflicts for Muslims around the world, is not a sin in most Muslim countries that allow for legal inheritance (because, basically, they still consider the dead man “a father” for the child).

16. Any child born out of wedlock by a Muslim can inherit no more than the inheritance of two sisters of the same sex, except in cases of divorce.

17. If no girl could bear children, the wife is to be treated as a mother and not as a slave like a chaste virgin is treated.

18. The practice of circumcision (except not only the religious aspect) and of cutting the female genitals

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