What are the major sins in Islam? – Tattoo Designs For Women Of Dogs

Islam has a huge variety of sins, including:

1. Murder

2. Killing innocent people, including women, children, and old people

3. Slavery

4. Slavery of women

5. Slavery of children

6. Slavery of old and sick

7. Excessive drinking and sex

8. Killing of enemies

9. Unlawful acts

10. Slavery and non-payment of tax

It is forbidden to commit these sins. Asking questions about each sin individually is forbidden, like asking whether it is “muharram.” Islam says that this kind of thinking is “abrogation of Allah’s command” (4:32).

Allah says that you may ask questions in this Ummah:

“And when the Apostle of Allah reached, his audience that consisted of seventy men; then he prayed, and we made up our minds not to say anything (other than “Allahu Akbar”) in our prayers… So he said, ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar to-night! I ask forgiveness for you! Allah has honoured you to-day, and to-morrow, and every hour of the day till the Day of Resurrection. Allah, may He be exalted, will punish the hypocrites on what they used to spend (in worship).’ And he said, ‘O Allah! Make the hypocrites repent.”


One of the important requirements of worship is that a person should not be greedy or greedy for other people’s possessions. Islam teaches us to be thankful for everything that Allah has granted us.

“Whoever wishes to be grateful to Allah for what he has given him, he should give all his riches to him, and pray without ceasing (for Allah’s forgiveness from every single enemy).


Another important requirement is to give charity (tawhid), which is a voluntary act.

“Allah has granted that you should give charity, and it should be given freely without any compulsion (from the people). So it is the duty of the believer, whether he be rich or poor, to give charity, and he should give it in full of what he possesses, and in every respect as Allah has ordered. Indeed, Allah is High, Great.” (2:191)

In 1:160, Allah says that it is a sin to do evil

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