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In this edition of Tattoo Artist’s Corner…we are featuring a new style of tattoo for men!

You won’t find any of the traditional patterns and designs popular with women, but instead in our new style there is a classic design that is so easy to do, that even a novice tattooist can complete a tattoo of his/her choosing.

We’re excited to share this style with the community, so be sure to ask any question you may have in our Facebook Group!

Get the best tattoo possible!

– Kevin

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MOSCOW — This is the moment a small, thin man walks into a room, looks around, sees the men in the room, and tells them “I’m a very important person here.”

If you thought the concept of a “very important person” was a bit overblown, then you’re not alone.

In the course of a single year — between 2013 and 2014, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) identified a total of 30 senior-level IMF staff as “very important”: They worked for the IMF, or the group of central banks it coordinates, or its regional financial systems institutions. They are also known for being very old: Only six were under the age of 60 when they took up their posts.

The age category can be a bit of a distraction, though, for IMF staff. In 2014, a dozen or so employees of the World Bank, a smaller bank, made the list.

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The IMF says that its own policy focus has been to bring senior staff up to its own standards: It hired, in 2015, senior economist Arvind Subramanian, a professor at the University of Cambridge.

If the IMF is about central-bank issues, then its senior staff (officials who lead or work directly with central banks) are the most senior-level policymakers in global finance. In 2014, a total of 30 senior and top-level officials at the IMF were senior officials at the world bank, with one senior official working at the IMF. Two senior officials worked at the World Bank; one worked at the IMF.

The IMF has also made the list of most senior officials of all finance banks and

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