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Yes, tribal in some cultures may be considered very old fashioned and therefore very controversial. For the most part, however, tribal tattoos remain the realm of the hipster looking to throw on a ‘funk-inspired’ trend, or maybe even someone who loves their country or its culture. There are some notable tribal symbols to look out for, however. The most prominent one is the tribal headdress, which has been worn across different cultures, cultures, and ethnicities for centuries to symbolise the concept of tribe.

One of my favourite tattoos to look out for are those that depict a tribal woman’s arms hanging down the left side of her body, with the left leg leaning towards the middle and the tail in the right. It appears that the woman as a tribal creature, with her left arm coming straight down towards her chest, while her right arm, in her tribal style, keeps falling to her side and reaching away towards her back. This symbolises her female identity as a warrior and also represents ‘mother earth’ as she is the one who has created humans to live amongst her.

Another totem headdress tattoo is a headdress worn by those who believe this gives them a ‘right to rule’ (see picture above). It is said to symbolise their status as being the creators of the world and the ‘people’ of the earth as they are the ones who created all the people. It could also represent another tribal concept, which is that they know best how they should rule, which means they need to be right the moment they take the title of ruler. Tribal tattoos can be a sign of pride.

Tribes like the Māori are more likely to be influenced by western culture. They were considered tribal by a lot of outsiders in the last 150 years, and this is why the Māori have gained more recognition as more people can see them in their modern day forms.

Are tribal tattoos popular any more?

Yes, more people are turning to tribal tattoos. As a result there has been an increase in popularity amongst youth and there are a multitude of different styles and types of tribal tattoo available. Traditionally, tattoos have been done by the tattoo artist, and it means they may be a bit more expensive. Tribal tattooing can be done in many different ways and you can choose for yourself which one feels right for you. It is also important to understand that not everyone is interested in this style but the majority do still have a tattoo and want one to commemorate their experience

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