Is the new school a private university?

The answer is yes, but it could also be described as a mixed-use campus in which the campus’ physical environment is largely private. The school operates like a hybrid student-provider, offering full-time students three or four hours of student-run activity a week in addition to academic courses like the college’s, and student-run clubs. However, that means any events that are considered community or public affairs events are sponsored by a group.

How about the students themselves?

It is important to remember that all students at the university are members of the school’s student organization, called the Union. The Union acts as the primary student organizing body in the university.

What is it like to attend a school of your own?

Students’ student associations also host regular meetings. The university’s school-wide student organization, the Student Government Association, runs this and the students have a say in how the school operates. The school’s president, Professor John B. Smith Jr. has his own students’ organization, and he has also helped to organize the student groups at other colleges. Some people may not see it that way, however; some professors’ student unions may be considered “semi-private,” with a large membership of teachers and perhaps graduate students. But since students pay tuition all four years at the same rate, the students’ organizations don’t have a financial incentive to maintain some of their autonomy.

Is there any political activity?

At the most basic level, students have the right to organize their own political activities within the campus. A group of about 10 people had its first student election this fall, and they’ve already won one student elections for faculty.

Is the school going to allow other student groups like this?

Yes. About two years ago, three students organized a discussion club and started calling themselves a “social justice activist group.” Now they have seven members.

What about the other colleges?

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Yes. At the other colleges, you can find student groups on campus that, as in Cal State Riverside, encourage students to speak on a wide variety of issues, from political campaigns to campus climate issues. But there is an added complication: Some schools have different academic structures, so a student at Sacramento State, for instance, can’t be able to participate in the campus’s social justice club. If they are not affiliated with the group that calls itself “Sage, Sistas, and Searchers,” they are not allowed to do anything.