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Yes. The University of Toronto is a tuition-free public university. Students at the University of Toronto also pay $8,250 a year in tuition and $1,000 a course, compared to the $19,700 that students currently pay at the University of Guelph.

This year’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, has been under a lot of fire for alleged ties with Russia and his son’s resignation from the Trump administration.

He may have had good reason for going along with the Trump campaign’s anti-Muslim propaganda.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Flynn argued that Islam didn’t pose a threat to the United States and that Muslims are patriotic. But now that he has resigned, it’s clear that Flynn didn’t really believe his own statements.

On the face of it, what Flynn seemed to be saying is that Islam is a religion of peace, so why shouldn’t it be respected in the United States? It’s as if Flynn thought that Muslims would be “unaware” that killing innocent Muslims is wrong – or, worse, that Muslims wouldn’t know that killing innocent Christians is wrong.

“They’re not going to understand that these are principles,” he said.

Flynn went on:

“We will continue to seek to build on what they have achieved for themselves and in the interests of the people in the region. I think the notion that you would say that the Muslims want to destroy us or that the Muslims hate us or that we’re hostile to them is false, it’s not something that’s taken on as far as I am concerned.”

This is a bit of a surprise.

From the Islamic Center of New York’s description of his views:

“It was recently revealed that Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor, has expressed a strong personal affinity with the Muslim Brotherhood. He said that he and his father received an enthusiastic endorsement of a Brotherhood document titled “The Road to Caliphate.” After his father’s death, he said that he is “more optimistic regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Brotherhood, than at any time since the rise of Islam itself.”

In his interview with the Post, he also said that “we will not be in the business of imposing our will on them” because of the “burden of proof that we will be proven right.”

But this is a very strange way to make an argument that, on its face, is not true. In one

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