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Moana isn’t a Samoan.

Samoans (the ancestors and descendants of Polynesia) are from the south Pacific Ocean, but Samoans don’t appear in any of the books.

But it’s not just the stories that don’t match. The name Moana was first used in the comic book, and is similar to the name Samoans. There is also a Samoan woman named Isolani that was in the movie.

Why was this significant?

A lot has already been written about the Samoans’ connection with Polynesia.

In a way, if you took away Moana and replaced her with someone else, the connection would still be there.

While there’s nothing wrong with being inspired, people can draw their own lines.

Why is this important?

If anything, this is a big problem because it shows a lack of connection that could allow a lot of ignorance to happen.

The Samoan culture has many cultural influences from across the Pacific. I think this lack of connection can cause ignorance and misunderstanding.

People may think that this is an opportunity to show how far Polynesia has come. Unfortunately, it’s a problem that’s still going on, in some cases.

Does the movie have problems?

There are many problems in the movie.

The first problem is Moana was a terrible movie and it shouldn’t have been made. The director also shouldn’t have come to New Zealand with no experience as it was his first film.

The second problem is it only seems to be connected to the Samovar culture. Moana was a Samoan story that involved another culture.

The Third problem is we know so little about Polynesia. This should have been an opportunity to learn more than just the Samoan culture.

The final problem is there are people who didn’t even know this culture existed.

Why is this important?

There’s a lot of people who think Polynesia is ancient and that everything they’re seeing comes from a mythical Samoan culture.

You shouldn’t need to be a native to appreciate Polynesia.

I’m sure there were other mistakes, but this is the bottom line.

What do you think?

I have a lot more questions but I decided to leave this part of the blog at this point.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and are in the right place to

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