How tall is Jesse Smith?

Well, according to his Wikipedia page, he’s 6 foot 2.5 inches.

Jesse is not a member of the Dallas Cowboys, although that hasn’t stopped him from getting to experience the highest level of the NFL. Smith caught his first touchdown pass in 2011 and in his first Super Bowl. In the NFC Championship Game (2012) he was the third receiver off the bench behind A.J. Green and Doug Baldwin.

Jesse hasn’t always been shy about the fame he had in college, as he was part of the Cowboys’ “Showtime” tour in 2007 with his famous nickname “The Beast”. He was also a member of the Dallas Cowboys Junior Rookies All-Star team.

In all, he’s been around the NFL for seven seasons. At some point, Smith has earned his spot as a Hall of Fame player, but it’s unlikely that his first name will ever be called. If you need a reminder of what life was like from his rookie year in the NFL, read this.

Jesse Smith’s Career Stats

The chart below shows all of Smith’s stats throughout his college career.


5 years, 9 months, 1 game

38 receptions

98 receiving yards

2015: 12 games

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39 receptions

125 receiving yards

Played in 1 game

2016: 1 game

4 receptions

17 receiving yards

Played in 5 games

2017: 17 games

37 receptions

126 receiving yards

Total: 122 receptions, 469 receiving yards

That’s how much Jesse Smith has accomplished. Even though he may not end up as a Hall of Famer, it’s still pretty impressive for a player who was playing college football in the United States instead of Israel.

In case you’re curious about Jesse’s career numbers, look here.

He’s probably better known for being the star of his college football team than being a player on the Dallas Cowboys, although I can’t say I’d call that a bad thing. I’m sure he and his teammates at the University of Southern California will be forever thankful that this happened, and that they have the opportunity to play under all of the top offensive minds of their generation.

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