How tall is Jesse Smith? – Simple Small Tattoo Designs

He could start at 5’11” with the right workout

Jody, my brother, is a big deal for me as well.

He looks like the 5″8″ guy who is 6’3″ with a nice fat ass in the mirror. Jesse also has the great looks of a guy who had a long career in the boxing world before he started lifting. He used to be a top 10 pound weight class champion. He is also a very talented fighter.
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Jesse is a decent height but he does not have the frame to really impress me as a powerlifter.

How tall is Justin Harkness? Is he really the “tallest” guy at 5’9″

Justin is 6′ 2″ and 180 pounds. He is an incredible athlete. He runs the 100 yard dash in 5.7 seconds. He was a 2nd team All American at Indiana and will be competing soon at the US Olympic Trials. He trains with Jason Lezak and he won’t let you underestimate the talent he has.

Justin also stands in the middle of a gym and bench presses 535 pounds. This is only slightly less than my current goal and I cannot wait to test my strength.

He looks like he has an advantage in that he was recruited as an athlete from very young age which gives him an advantage in this sport. But with the “tallest” goal I can’t help but think that the goal itself is limiting in its potential.

A taller lifter could do well but would he have the endurance of a stronger person?

I am going to keep this in mind for a while and decide on my next challenge when I have more time to train.

How tall are the guys on your lifting team?

I know that I am tall thanks to my high school sports coach. When I was a little kid, I remember him being taller than me. We were both in the football team together. He had all these football related sports that he did that I couldn’t get involved with. It was all just a side interest at the time that he was very good at. That is what we did, and we made up a lot of good times doing it so that we could play more competitive sports. I think I was in my second year when I was on the field. I was the quarterback. But I do recall him as being pretty tall.

How tall is Jesse Smith now?

He is 5′

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