How do you design a tattoo? – Shoulder Tribal Tattoo Designs

“I’ve always tried to get inspiration from other artists, so when I’m doing the artwork, I always use as much tattoo-related things as I can. But I’m not really that into it as much as I’d like to be. My tattoo collection is very limited.”

What tattoos do you love the most?

“I’ve gotten a bunch of tattoo and body art, but this is the first one I actually have an attachment to. I got the image of my mother on my back and that’s really what I’m looking forward to when I get it off. To me, there’s just so much to it, and it’s really interesting how they portray me. It’s like a visual memoir. I just like thinking about my mother, how she would look when she was my age, because she was so good a teacher as well.”

How do you keep fit? What do you do to keep from getting sick?

“I go to a gym every day and then I get to work out with a few other artists. I’m just very strict on making sure every single day I have the strength to do the jobs I do. I work hard for my friends. When we all work, that’s the job I really want. I really like drawing and doing my own designs, because I enjoy making them myself and I get to experience the different techniques a lot more than I would at a factory. It’s almost like a hobby, but it’s more like an art form when it’s really fun. But it’s hard to keep up.”

Who do you work with?

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“I’m really into what I have available and I have a couple different people that I work with right now. There’s also a guy named Chris. He’s always been in the game, so he’s helping with the branding. And then I have some other friends who have a lot of experience. It’s great to actually have a group of people supporting you. I love that aspect. I like having people who don’t necessarily have that amount of experience supporting you so I can really push myself. They’re all really supportive.”

Do you have your own tattoo shop?

“Definitely. I don’t actually like going on the whole shop-to-shop thing.”

What would be your dream location?

“It would kind of be up against the school and next to the skatepark. It’s close enough. I love it when people come

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