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At first glance it may appear to be a new tattoo, but actually it was already there! The tattoo was done with a very strong, durable tattoo ink. You can easily change the color and look by changing the intensity.

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What are the special instructions regarding the tattoo on my chest?

The tattoo should be a small one. It will make it much easier for you to find the tattoo mark on your chest. You can wear it even while sleeping, if you feel comfortable.

I’m very sensitive to needles, should I avoid wearing this tattoo?

This tattoo does not involve any needle. It’s good to get used to the tattoo because it will be there at a very easy time.

What are the tattoos on my arms?

There are different types of tattoos on different parts of your arms. Many people say these tattoos are not real tattoos.

I’ve heard that the tattoos get on your skin and you have to get rid of them before they disappear. Is this true?

The tattoos get on your skin and you have to get rid of them before they disappear. But they aren’t visible through the skin.

How does a tattoo on the finger work?

Usually the tattoo is done behind the finger as a permanent part. However the new tattoo on your finger is just a part of the tattoo and you have to get rid of the tattoo that is there.

How do I decide which tattoo is the right one?

At the first glance, you have to decide the one you want to get on your body. The tattoo will be very strong and durable. This is different than the tattoo on your chest, which doesn’t seem to make any difference. However, there will be a tattoo on the finger that will be visible.

How much does the tattoo cost?

How do I determine the cost? There’s no exact price.

Once you have decided on a tattoo, you need to prepare a photo of it. This photo can be done at home, at a tattoo shop or anywhere else where your are in a hurry. You will need a photo that shows the tattoo well. The photos need to be the size of the tattoo, that’s the same as the tattoo mark.

How does this tattoo affect my body?
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There will be a red mark on the skin called a burn. These marks can change from day to day. Some people call these

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