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If there is anything specific you want, ask about it when you get your ink done. I would do a full “check” at the beginning of the process with a “no” to see if you are happy with the color. This allows the ink to dry sufficiently, and if the color is a bit off, you can always use another color in the future.

Can a bad ink affect me more than a good one? I am still trying to wrap my head around this question but there are many different factors involved. It varies depending on the tattoo, the person, the person who has it and when you got it, but you should never rely on one ink to be better than another. I can only speak for myself, but I will happily recommend my tattoo artist for you just because he did an awesome job.

Are there any other questions to ask my tattoo artist regarding their tattoo techniques? This can be a good time to ask more questions about the way they do things so that I don’t confuse you with something that isn’t relevant.

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By Tom Brown of The Free Thought Project

I recently read, on the web, an article reporting that the government plans to create a new federal office to promote “science education and research.” This could turn out to be a useful idea—especially when it comes to making science more accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, the article was based on a fake news story from a fake news site.

The phony news story, written by an anonymous author from New Zealand and circulated on social media (I’ve highlighted the author’s name so he or she (and a few others) can be identified), claimed a “government-funded project” was going to start a new organization called “The Council of Science Education.” Here’s a snippet:

The Council of Science Education (CSE) will provide a platform for scientists and students to discuss science. It will promote education in science (and related disciplines) and its application to society. It will advocate for better science education to foster more robust debate, develop science policy and raise awareness of how science works. It will support science education projects around the world that promote diversity in science education, diversity of scientific methods and diversity of student and professional activities, and for diversity of science content and analysis. CSE will promote this to promote diversity in how science is delivered in all its forms through the research and

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