Do lotus flowers grow in mud?

Well, no, but if you want to learn more about lotus you can read my post ‘Soak lotus in mud with honey and mint’.

In other parts of this site I have posted several tutorials on all of the different methods of doing a lotus blossom. Today I will be covering a different method of using lotus blossom tea to rinse your eyes!

How to Do Lotus Blossom Tea With Honey

Here is my favourite method of using lotus blossom tea to rinse your eyes in the morning:
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How to Make Lotus Blossoms Tea With Honey

First, make a pot of tea and fill it with plenty of hot water, let it soak for about 10 minutes (I have been using tea bags but you can use any sort of tea pot you want) then place a bunch of dead lotus flower in it. Wait 10 minutes then use an eyedropper with a tiny amount of tea to add some sugar to your tea and let it soak again. Keep doing this for about 5-10 mins.

Use an eyedropper when you need to remove the lotus flowers as they might become sticky with the sugar.

Don’t let the lotus flowers soak for too long and when you are ready, gently rinse them in warm water and dry the eyes to stop them getting stuck on the lotus flowers.

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