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I do a lot of things with my time. I am a freelance writer and video artist, and I like to explore new places and ways of living my life.

If you ever need to take off and fly to Brazil, the world’s most exotic country. Do not think that you would do this with any other tattoo artist out there!

But I would definitely consider getting two tattoos a day, in case I could. (One of them will be in my right inner thigh, and that’s it.)

I really want to see how my tattoo will look like, and I would like it to be a really distinctive tattoo for me.

Are you interested in learning about tattooing and having your own?

I have been doing my own tattooing ever since 2002. I have been working as an artist in the same place for over 15 years now, and have always worked from the perspective of an art director and creative director. I also do photography for galleries, and am pretty good at editing my own images.

I have been working on my own line of body art for about 7 years now, which is why I am currently offering 2 special pricing models:

The Ultimate Tattoo for $499

The Ultimate Tattoo for $329

These are the 2 models. But they can be purchased in any quantity. I would just prefer them in a smaller quantity. However, the 2 Special Pricing Models have no limitations on the number of tattoos that I can offer them, and they just have more options that my other models.

Are you able to customize your existing tattoo?


My line of tattoo prints can also be customized to your specifications. And they have the ability to customize your tattoo to match your style!

What are your favorite body art products?

I really appreciate some of the amazing body art products that I get every day for free with a small order.

I want a tattoo of a lion on my ankle! It fits my soul:

That’s such an amazing idea! I’m actually thinking of getting one on my back!

It looks like it!

It sure does, doesn’t it? I do have more great ideas than you could ever imagine!

You’re a master of your art! I like to see it!

I have also been

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