Can you get two tattoos a day? – Cool Small Tattoos For Guys Chest

Probably not,” Dr. Riehl joked, adding that a patient’s response may indicate a certain personality type. He suggested a little different way to deal with a couple than someone who has only a single tattoo. “If you’re a big time hippie, get one on your hip. If you take the middle road, make it a little smaller and smaller,” he said. Dr. Riehl advises patients on tattooing with a partner, because he has had so many couples come to his office with an itch. He has even gone to the extent of asking his new patients if they would like a hand, because sometimes a single tattoo will work for just a few weeks before fading. In general, Riehl has taken some heat for his choice of needles, which he uses specifically for people with more complicated tattoos. He said that his preferred choice of needle tips is the high-quality “blue-black” needles made widely available to doctors that are designed to penetrate easily and easily remove foreign objects like needle marks and needle bruises. Dr. Riehl also noted that he uses a standard black tourniquet that has a stainless steel tip that can be removed easily when needed. He also said that he uses an iron, rather than a steel tip. “I like all things iron-edged,” the doctor said. The doctor said his advice to aspiring tattoo artists is to choose a tip that is sharp, without sharp edges or sharp points. And, he says that the best way to maintain a strong tattoo is to avoid pain. To Dr. Riehl, a good tattoo is just a good tat. “But I am also saying it’s a part of yourself. A lot of tattoos are a part of a person’s personality or character, and what I really see is that as an artist, if you work with your style, a lot of times it gives you more of what you need,” he said. With files from the Calgary Eyeopener

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