Can you be 15 and get a tattoo?

A girl in my band, in London, England, said she is going to be getting a tattoo when she is 15: ‘I have got a tattoo on my wrist.’ I went, ‘Oh my God, that is so cool, I’ve got a tattoo already, it has been a while!’ That was so funny and so cool about it! I am sure there are people that are like me, but I don’t think that’s normal for them to be getting tattoos. It’s just not that big a deal for me.”

And why wasn’t it normal for her to get one at 16?

“At 16 there are so many things I have done that now they are just ‘that’s me’ that gets attached to me to the point where it’s hard to remove.”

Is this a sign of the times or just another quirky facet of our time?

(CNN) In the most recent election cycle, $2.6 million was spent on outside political ads opposing President Donald Trump.

The number of ad bans has been rising, but so too has the amount spent, with a total of $7.8 million spent in the last election cycle, according to the most recent data from the nonpartisan ad tracker Media Matters.

The money spent in this election cycle is equal to the entire budget last year for all of the federal elections.

While outside groups spend millions of dollars opposing any candidate, they get very little coverage in mainstream news media. But in contrast, independent groups have received massive amounts of media attention and coverage in the past few months.

A $60 million ad campaign in Alabama against Roy Moore, who is accused of sexual assault, is just the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to pro-Trump ads from outside groups that can’t legally spend on political ads because they’re run by political committees.

In 2016 and 2017, outside spending on Alabama ads amounted to about $30 million. Moore had to spend about $6 million to defeat incumbent Sen. Luther Strange in the Republican primary, and his campaign also spent $2 million to defeat Strange, another Democrat, by a razor-thin margin in November.

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What is a Routing Table?

A routing table is a collection of hosts with the default TCP and UDP addresses for each router so that clients can connect. If one of these default IPs is not resolved, a packet will not be sent from the router to the client.

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