Can Christians drink alcohol? – Tribal Flower Tattoo Designs On Arm

We are all allowed to have some beverages, such as wine, beer and spirits. For the Bible to be a complete and compelling witness to the truth, it is important that all Christians be able to engage in them safely. However, this is a matter of personal responsibility. Our Lord has made it very clear:

But if you live as a Jew and drink wine, to every meal you must give a cup of cold water. 16

If Christians drink alcohol, they must avoid the following:

Drinking more than one drink during the day – or if you don’t drink at all, then it is better to drink only one drink when it is good.

Tasting alcohol after drinking – by taking even small sips, you are putting others at risk. Some of the symptoms of drinking too much alcohol as well as the serious health consequences are outlined in this link.

Having excessive amounts of alcohol – excessive drinking can seriously decrease the quality of your life and can even destroy it. Drinking too much, as we have all experienced, does not bring us happiness.

Having too much drink in a short period of time – this is when the person is most at risk of damaging the health – and even if he or she has only a short period, many cases of alcohol-related hospitalizations can be linked to it.

What does this mean?

The Holy Spirit makes it easier for us to become Christians, but we must choose to follow God’s commandment of loving God and fellowman with all our heart, soul and strength, always remembering the words of Jesus:

But if you drink alcohol as I commanded you, you have no life in you.

(Matthew 7:2-3)

So go out to the road, walk in it, and obey its directions to keep the purity of your life. This way, God will make your drink as pure as water.

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