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Yes: You may share with your family.

There is no prohibition against alcohol drinking. It must be enjoyed responsibly.

A wine-and-beer bottle will be used to help with concentration. For an introduction to wine in a church setting you may refer to The Christian Bible. The Bible explains various types of wine and their virtues.

Can women drink alcohol?

Yes; they must be chaste.

The word ‘chaste’ here means pure. It does not mean something that is asexual or unenlightened. If you see a young girl walking down the street and you’re aroused you don’t be aroused – she’s not chaste! The Bible says that men should not have sexual contact with women. It should be considered bestiality! In the old and the new testament women were commanded not to walk on the road and it is forbidden to see a woman in a state of undress.

As for women being exposed to men, the same is forbidden to them. The apostle Paul spoke against it when he said,

When they expose their bodies to you, do not be attracted to them, lest you be contaminated. (1 Cor. 11:29)

So don’t fall for the idea that women in church settings are simply being sexual. In the old testament it is forbidden to engage in sexual activities with a woman in a state of undress. In the new testament it is forbidden to engage in sexual acts while in church, which is exactly what women do in church.

How would a Christian who is at church on Sunday decide if they’re ready to have sex with a woman or not?

A Bible study is definitely a good first step when discussing this. I think it’s important to have a clear understanding of what is meant by Christian sexual ethics. I think that it is an important topic to discuss.

As you get closer to church you should be familiar with the principles of Christian morality and also consider what the Bible has to say about them.

Should I call upon God for help?

Absolutely, no matter what. Jesus instructed us to help people. He said,

If you believe, then you will confess that I am your Father; and whoever does not believe will be like a foolish man who received as much as one. (John 14:18,19-20)

In other words, when believers are needed, we need them to believe. We cannot expect people to

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