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Can Catholics make sacraments for themselves when they don’t want them made for those who do believe in the Catholic Church? Can Catholics have a wedding (even just for a year of marriage with no vows in between)? Can Catholics go through a ritual sacrifice like a mass?

The Bible teaches that God made us to be holy, but does it make a person holy when a priest or saint or bishop or religious tradition is involved?

Does it matter to God whether a person acts on the desires of their conscience or believes what they can’t deny?

The Christian Church teaches you are sinne (sinned) until you turn (reconcile) your life to Christ. So how do we come to Christ, how can we get to him, how can we repent and change our lives to be more like him?

Does prayer work? How about faith?
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Does faith work? How do we see Christ in our lives?

Is death the final destination after the purifying fire (Christ) or do we still end up in heaven?

What about our thoughts, prayers, and our speech?

Are our thoughts more about ourselves or about God? What does an answer or a negative thought mean to God? Are thoughts of others more important or the more important thoughts of our own mind?

Can love and forgiveness and peace be achieved through talking or writing about ourselves or about the good we can do for others?

Can our words be used as gifts or is it about our words only?

Does Jesus change us physically or spiritually?

Why does God accept our sins? How do we go out to show the world that God wants us to forgive each other’s sins?

Does God make us good and have good desires, or do he make a person wicked and have evil desires?

Why is God making us good in such a bad way? How does God make us good?

Will God make an action right even if an action is immoral?

What is love?

How are we the love of God and how do we live that love?

What does it mean to be good or sinful? How do we make a decision to love God as He is?

What does God love?

Does God love the human race? Is there a God for men?

How do we experience God, and is the Bible the only place where we get to experience what it means to experience God?

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