Can anyone get Samoan tattoos? – Boy Tattoos On Arm

I don’t think there are any, not in the USA. Samoans would like to get their family names on their tattoos, and most families here would prefer the names of their families to be in the tattoo on their body. But on the same token, there are no Samoans who would like to get tattoos that say “Samoan.” Also, Samoans are just generally not into the whole “Oyama” thing. They generally don’t care about having a “Oyama” tattoo in a traditional Samoan context.

What about in other countries? Do you still get asked that?

The Samoan tattoos are very well accepted in most countries, including the USA.

Do you get asked if you have tattoos or piercings outside your country of origin, like some tattooed, pierced people do? If you do, what’s the reason?

No, I do not, I think most tattooed people get asked it occasionally, but I have never made sure about it!

Is there anywhere that you get a lot of your work done?

I’m not a tattoo artists in any real way. I’ve been getting work in the San Francisco Bay Area, and my shop is in San Francisco, where tattoo artists are few and far between. I do a few commissions for clients, but the vast majority of my work is done in my studio.

Where would you like your tattoos to go?

I want this to go somewhere. I don’t plan on just giving them to a place for the right reasons. I want to make them work for me if anyone asks. They can have my original artwork of mine, or a copy of it if I wanted to change something here and there.

Could you give me an example of something that might not be legal? Any other ideas on what the world might say?

The best example right now might be whether or not you can tattoo someone’s eye without a license. The problem is that they can’t do the same thing to your hand and they couldn’t tattoo my eye in my hand if I wanted to. That kind of thing, I think (since they don’t seem to have much luck getting it to stick), that would be a really big deal for the tattooist. If you think a lot about the legality of something, you can probably understand how to get most of your work to stick.

When will you be in San Francisco next?


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