Can a divorced Catholic remarry? – You Are My Sunshine With Small Rose Tattoo Designs

For divorced Catholics to receive the sacraments, the Church does not necessarily issue them sacramental communion. The only way is to remarry.

Accordingly, if a person is divorced and remarried in the Catholic Church, she cannot receive the sacraments. However, there are three exceptions:

The person can receive them as a sacrament if she or he had previously asked for access to them;

If this person has recently returned from a retreat, the Catholic Church may allow this reception to take place on condition that the two people have agreed that there will be no change in the sacraments that might be received by the newly remarried person;

If this person is divorced from her or his wife by the Church, she can receive the sacraments, provided that the person receiving absolution agrees that there will be no change in his or her sacraments that might be received by the divorced person.

Are Catholic divorcees automatically in error?

No! Catholics who wish to remarry have to go through the process of receiving absolution. Before this can be done, the person needs to be in an irremarried state and have asked to be reconciled. The person also needs to be prepared for reconciliation. In that preparation, the person must have received absolution from the priest when he or she is in an irremarried state, after having been in a stable or committed relationship for at least three months.

In the last sentence that follows, the word “stable” means “a stable relationship.”

Can I change my mind and marry someone else?

No. If a person is divorced, she is still in an irremarried state and can’t change her mind about a remarriage.

The Church says that those separated before they were married are “dead in trespasses, and their consciences are utterly destroyed.” In other words, they can’t receive the Sacraments.

If a divorced person wishes to remarry, she should seek the help of a priest who will accept her request, explain the situation, and help prepare the person for a potential Sacrament of Marriage.

The person would then go to a parish in which a priest would help facilitate an exchange of the Holy Orders (Divorced, in which case the priest would not perform the Sacrament of Marriage). Once the Sacrament of Marriage takes place, the person can begin receiving the other Sacraments.

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