Can a divorced Catholic remarry? – Tribal Tattoo Designs For Mens Legs

“Marriage, although a sacrament, is not an absolute sacrament. It is a contract, not a sacrament; it can be dissolved (by divorce) if the couple is united in consanguinity if it is also valid in matrimony. If a divorced Catholic divorces his or her spouse, the priest can enter the house to bless him or her. This is a clear indication of sacramental nullity, and a marriage has no longer the seal of faith.” (From the Handbook from the Catholic Councils, Vol. II, p. 513, quoted by St. Catherine of Siena in her The Mystical Marriage and the Eucharist; p. 8)

Can the divorced remarry a non-Catholic?

“Only a valid impediment is essential if a divorced wife wants to be united to another spouse; she must always be the first one to ask. If, however, she has asked on her own behalf, she can marry again. She might even return to the Church that is still in error and ask for the restoration of her sacramental state. But if she already remarries and finds another husband, she will be considered an “impossible union”; her new husband must be divorced to be able to offer her the sacrament of Reconciliation” (Ibid. p. 8).

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a divorced Catholic remarry a married woman with the permission of the first husband?

“Can a divorced woman without having been granted a valid impediment remarry a married man? The answer is yes: The question of the effect of the nullity of the marital state is not raised in the case of divorce. A divorced woman who is married is still her husband’s wife, and therefore he must be given permission to marry her again. If she is denied this permission and refuses to grant it to her husband again, therefore, she is in a situation of nullity” (Ibid. p. 8).

Can a divorced Catholic marry a man who is living outside of their church congregation?

“As already noted, the absolution of the divorced woman cannot bring that of the married woman. The question is to be asked: ‘What effect will it have on the woman who, being divorced, enters the life of another person without her second husband’s permission?’ Inasmuch as a divorced woman can and will, nevertheless, obtain an absolution from her husband during her pregnancy, a woman who enters a newly born child into the world

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