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As you probably know, the divorced and remarried have a choice. Either get divorced or remarry. For Catholics who follow the Church’s teaching on same-sex relationships, this decision is based on the Church’s teaching on marital relationship.

In the United States, the Catholic Church teaches that marriage is a lifelong union of one man and one woman. However, Catholic traditions have historically taught that all persons with the proper attitude and intention, can choose the next step in their lives.

For more information about the Church’s marriage teaching, a number of online resources are available: here, here and here. For the sake of clarity and brevity, I will only address specific questions related to the church’s teaching on civil partnerships.

Can a divorced Catholic remarried? Can the Catholic Church marry me?

When the Church allows a person to marry someone from another religion or with a different faith, it follows the same rules it uses for inter-religious marriages. Both marriage and family are sacramental relationships that must be respected.

As always, a Catholic married to a non-Catholic must maintain her personal faith and continue to perform her sacraments when she is joined to another person in a civil partnership, marriage or civil union. This does not change the marriage status of the couple, which is governed by the church’s laws about marriage and the Church’s doctrine on same-sex relationships.

Why don’t Catholic couples get Civil Partnerships?

While Catholic priests have been teaching privately about civil partnerships, the Church has never fully accepted them. This is a serious matter, because civil partnerships are open to all. They do not exist for Catholic couples. Even if one of these couples is Catholic, a civil partnership in the United States does not mean that their civil marriages are invalid.

Why do Catholics get Civil Partnerships?

To protect people who are under the legal power of another, or to get out of being dependent on someone who they believe is still under this power. Civil partnerships are not permanent (i.e. there are no permanents), and cannot be closed for reasons of health or other reasons.

In addition to this, one of the main reasons that civil partnerships are taken is due to the fact that civil spouses might receive tax benefits (including tax-free benefits under the law) that could prevent them from keeping the rest of their own cash and property. The civil rights of a civil member are also the equal rights of both, including

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