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According to W. Richard O’Sullivan, dermatologist and clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Iowa in Des Moines, “Tattoos do not promote a healthy skin. In fact, people with healthy skin should avoid these forms of protection.”

O’Sullivan cautions: “When a person is exposed to an irritant or something irritants to the skin, the skin will secrete a chemical that can induce inflammation. There is little reason to be proud of that chemical, but one reason to avoid it is to prevent complications. For instance, if your wound becomes infected from a wound that has been burned, or it gets infected from a chemical used in nail care, the skin will produce more chemicals to fight the infection, and that will exacerbate the problem.”

“If you’re an athlete, an individual who has been exposed to something that can irritate the skin … tattooing becomes risky,” says O’Sullivan.

He says if you can tattoo the area you want, you should “have a medical team that can check your skin and make sure the area isn’t infected. If you get tattooed, you can’t use skin cream, makeup or creams to clean the area — that will just make the skin more irritated.” You should clean a tattoo after your treatment and, if necessary, shave.

When in doubt, avoid tattooing in individuals who:

Have skin sensitivities

Have sensitive skin

Have been exposed to chemicals in nail care (such as oxybenzone and permethrin)

O’Sullivan says, “For some people, tattooing can be a bad idea. But tattooing is an option for many people, especially those who feel like their skin gets irritated.”

If it doesn’t cause a lot of irritation, and there’s no immediate risk, O’Sullivan says: “For the most part, if it doesn’t cause a lot of discomfort, it shouldn’t be done.”

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