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In short, no. But the question remains: What about non-traditionally “kosher” tattoos?

Not only do many of these “kosher” tattoos use the same symbolism as modern tattoos, sometimes just as much or in the same amount of ink, but their very appearance often contradicts the underlying text they refer to. For example, I know several Christian men who don’t like the color black, but I have seen many other men without any other color.

The same goes for tattoos that reference other religions. It has also been written, if you will, that non-religious tattoos are more likely to be mistaken, as they are often more ambiguous. They may be a more literal interpretation of an earlier phrase or a more modern version of a more ancient text. While this may well be true, it is certainly possible that not everyone is going to get their tattoo exactly as the artist intended. I have seen several Christian men who have been sent to the hospital due to a non-religious ink being mistaken for the Christian cross.

If I am not mistaken, a major reason why many religious people choose to have a non-religious tattoo, as opposed to the “kosher” type, may be that they find the symbolism of the tattoo more attractive and can see it as something that is just as important to them, if not more so, to their religious beliefs.
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Is there a danger in not following rules that someone you trust may have followed to make a tattoo? Of course not. This is just a personal preference, like liking the color red or liking the shape of a cup. If you are unsure how your tattoo will look or that there might be an error in that tattoo design, it will be your responsibility to consult with another doctor or tattoo artist that you trust before removing the tattoo, which it is perfectly OK to do.

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