Month: July 2020

Who invented tattoos?

It’s been suggested in the past that tattoos are one of the first signs of an individual’s sexual orientation. In 2009 the University of Minnesota’s Sexual Behaviour Research Group conducted a two-part survey of 740 adult participants. The results revealed that men were more likely than women to have tattoos, despite the fact that only …

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What is a glyph symbol?

glyphs are special key names used to signify symbols. This documentation explains the meaning of glyphs, the symbols that are glyph symbols, and how the symbols are used. A day after President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he had ordered the killing of 3,000 criminals, he said he would not give a “big

What is a glyph symbol?

A glyph symbol is a character used to represent a specific word. The glyph and all letters that make up the character are placed in the font’s code page, and then the code page is scanned as text. On a modern operating system such as Ubuntu, this is done through the /usr/include/fonts/fontconfig.h file, but I’ve …

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