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Because the longer you do it the more accurate it gets. As I’ve already told you in my last post on the topic (see “The 5 Keys to Drawing a Good Cover Letter”) it’s easier to draw a good cover letter when you’ve made sure the person you’re talking to has a strong interest in what you’re doing. It’s a good idea to bring up something specific that might interest the person that needs your cover letter or, you know, even if it’s just something that might interest them. You never know when the person may actually be interested in what you’re doing and that might provide you with some ideas of stuff you could ask or say so that you may convey that sort of interest.

Now, when it comes to the actual cover letter, the first thing you can do is do some drawing. You don’t need a huge selection of drawings to get the subject you’re talking about. I know I’d do that anyway. Draw in an easy, accessible way, and do them very early in the process. If you choose not to get to drawing, it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems and you know you can do it well. The subject can also get a bit more simplified and get a bit more abstract – that’s not so bad in and of itself. And even just making something a little more “proper” can make it look a lot better and have a much better effect on the person reading it.

Now you’re ready to actually craft the cover letter. Again, don’t just follow all of the guidelines above. Sometimes you may just be able to draw a couple of things and come up with something that gives a person interesting enough information that they could decide on it. Remember, this is for you.

Okay, let’s go back to Anderton, the cover letter writer, and his cover letter, The New York Times:

Your next job is to take what you’ve done so far in the drawing process and combine that with a few things we’ve done to help you communicate your importance. If you’re trying to do something simple, a piece of paper or sketchbook you’ve drawn can help. There are a lot of drawings out there, so keep drawing, one of these days. You want to keep the subject as close to the drawing or sketch as possible without losing any of the detail. For example, a piece of paper or sketchbook will make it easy to draw an outline of your face or figure, as well as

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