Why is drawing important? – Easy Pencil Sketching For Beginners

It’s so that one can draw something that one actually cares about.

This is a little bit different than drawing something important that isn’t about anything, you usually don’t draw something about your favorite pet, but rather something that isn’t important that isn’t your pet.

A great example of this occurs in the first chapter of The Three Little Pigs where Piglet and the baby Chihuahua are being trained. Piglet says, “I’ll be your favorite.” Then, Chihuahua responds, “Oh, I hate being your favorite.” As Piglet is about to say “I like being your favorite,” instead, Piglet says “Stop being so silly.” Then Chihuahua starts doing the same thing, even though Piglet is now being funny.

It’s kind of like it’s a contest: If you draw the funniest thing they can do, then it is you winning. However, it is also true that if you draw a sketch that is about something you are passionate about and it is that passion that keeps the drawing coming back to you, you will start drawing the other sketches because they are just that much funnier than the one you have already drawn. So if you are getting drawn into the story of your life, then drawing is not just about drawing funny stuff. Instead it becomes about drawing about things that are important to you.

It’s also a useful way to remind yourself that the more you use drawing as a visual mode of expression to express something that you care about for yourself, the more important it is for you to draw. So the first two chapters of The Three Little Pigs are good examples of this. Here’s what they say about drawing:

In a time when no one was allowed to draw freely, he sketched a little bird, a rabbit, a dog and a horse.

And here’s what he says about using the medium for his own purpose:

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As an artist, he found something which he saw in the world, but he could not bring himself to feel that it deserved to be described, although he himself thought it worthy of its own study. So that he might find it more useful and interesting to use it as something he could make, he wrote a little book…

And here’s what he says about keeping the drawing coming back to you:

“He drew a picture of the little rabbit and wrote something about rabbits. And he drew another picture of the little dog; and he drew a third

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