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Is 1.30mm heavier or lighter or somewhere in-between?

As usual, my results in this post have been based on a full set of test shots without any edits. I took them on a fairly fast rolling shutter speed of 1/500 so that you can see the differences very clearly.

Below, I’ll show you some of the changes in the final result.

Now we can see how these differences changed over the two different camera bodies.

In the right hand window, you can see the change in ISO (see the black box in the lower right). I’ve had no trouble finding a perfectly bright ISO of 100 at the Canon 5D Mark II, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results when I was shooting to a 1/500 second shutter speed at 50mm in the Canon 5D Mark II at ISO 800. Even then, a few of the darker tones are washed-out – which is always a problem at ISO 800!

What about the contrast?

In the upper left window, you can see the contrast (and brightness) in black areas. For example, in the lower left, you can see how the Canon 5D Mark II turned out to be slightly brighter when it was ISO 800; at ISO 1,500, it’s slightly brighter too (but not quite as much as the difference in contrast between the 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III).

In the higher left, you can see that there was a big increase when the Canon 5D Mark II was ISO 3,200; again, slightly brighter, but not quite as much as the 5D Mark III.

But when I zoomed in, I spotted the biggest change when I shifted the ISO to ISO 6400, and that’s because I tried shooting at that ISO using the Canon 5D Mark III. The Canon 5D Mark II was significantly brighter all about, and this is a huge difference because it’s usually pretty noisy at this range of ISO. However, even in the dark, it’s nice to see the highlights of a film or camera (and even to see film itself), as it appears that the differences were mostly due to the difference between the film and my camera.

Now, how the comparison of the Canon 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III is going to look once I get the camera bodies together.

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Of course, I’ll have to shoot more tests to see the details of that. Here are some of the pictures that I

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