What pencil is used for sketching?

A pencil, to be honest. When I’m practicing writing with pencils, which is a lot more than with any other writing tool, they’re not really used for penciling. The idea is to use it to sketch and then give it up. So, what you’ll do is draw over this one area and over this one area, and then just do a bunch of the same shapes over this one area and over this one area. That means I can just leave that on the paper, I don’t have to draw over it. What kind of art do you practice now—drawing art drawings but with pencils? I try not draw much anyway because I’ve only seen in my own sketches that I’ve actually thought about using a pencil. It’s just fun to do things with pencils because you’re just drawing something. I’ve seen drawings that look like they’re done on an ordinary surface, but they’re actually done on paper. So much of the art there just comes back to the pencil. When I did some research years ago that shows the greatest influence of paper is not the canvas as such but the pencil and ink. So, when do you do practice you use pencil drawing? The easiest way or the fastest. Usually when you’re doing it, you use the sharpest pencil. It really shows your talent because you’re seeing those results very quickly, very cleanly and the quality of your drawings is really great.


Gizmodo: Do you have to be doing all of the sketches on one piece of paper or are you free to just add and subtract?

Zwigg: I’ve used the paper and the pencil together and we’ve always done some kind of color combination. Obviously there’s a lot of sketching to be done, but what you don’t have is drawing of my drawings. So that’s what I do now. If I have more time, I’m going to start doing some more inks and colors and I’ll have maybe 50-100 individual drawings that I’ll be free to put in the proper order. I’ve been studying for drawing that way for a long time. I’ve studied painting since I was a little kid. I studied drawing with a pencil in the beginning, but I’ve been using a pen and the pencil and the paper since I was a kid. I started sketching and drawing with my friends. I used to draw with my friend in our class, and just drawing and drawing, doing these kind of drawings that were not