What pencil is used for sketching?

To create the final artwork, we use a standard pencil (the white or tan is the most popular), and a cheap crayon pen (a black is fine too, but is very hard to obtain). This is a basic sketching pencil, but can be modified in a few ways to create different looks.

First, we use our usual pencil inked with pigment, to make the lines thinner with a thinner brush. This makes it more transparent and easier to draw the shape on the board without being drowned out by the shading of the pencil.

Then we add the white-hot wax inks on the black side of the pencil. We do this mostly on smaller pieces, to get more control and to add more depth to the line. When working on large objects, it makes it less difficult to bring out the details and shading.

We then fill in the shape. Using this technique I usually create the shape using the back and front side of the black paper, and then apply the paint along the lines created by the back side, and draw around them to the center and outer edge of the object. I find that working on the outline, which I create with pencil inked with pigment, gets faster, and the line can be clearer.

Using the black pencil, I usually sketch a simple drawing of the object in its simplest form. It may also look as if it’s an actual object, but it only looks that way because people often don’t have a very good understanding of the object. When drawing things which are not clearly real, we usually end up adding some noise or blur to the drawing to give it more realism.

What does ‘Farewell’ mean to you?

‘Farewell’ will be our last word on this great project.

We would like the world to know that it’s time to move on.

We hope to work independently for the foreseeable future, but if it’s still worth doing, please let us know

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