What is the history of sketching?

We draw comics for people and it’s been my life’s work ever since I was a wee lad in the ’50s. I first started drawing because I thought you could only write and draw well if you were like that. I was very much an only child.

I used to draw all the time when I was young. At first, all I did was write short comics for myself. Then, I did a short story called “The Girl Who Dances With the Devil” in “Hollister” – which was the only comic for years I had. It was a short story to have as a page to illustrate a character. I wrote it in two days. It came with a note saying that if you liked it, you’d be more than welcome to buy a copy of the next issue.

I took it to some publishers and sold it through the door. They said, “Yeah, you go on to do another one.” My publisher called them up and said, “Oh!” So I did another – and another. I still have “The Girl Who Dances With the Devil” lying around in my room at the moment, because they think I’ve got a book of comic strips that were published when I was an amateur comic writer.

What do you think of cartoonists like Steve Dillon, Steve Berry, Chris Ware and others of your generation who are now drawing or have done so before you?

Steve’s comics and comics inspired by my writing, are brilliant.

Chris Ware and Steve had a wonderful career as cartoonists, which got off in the teeth of the comic book industry. We all should have seen it was the great opportunity for us to go out and make our own career out of it and I think we’re all doing that. It’s not just Steve or Chris or myself. There’s so many people, artists and entertainers. If we get involved with it, we’re going to have a great time.

Are there any artists or creators you admire or look up to?

I like the guy who did “The Adventures of the Weird Sisters of Aloha”.

I like the guy who did “The Simpsons” and the guy who did “Cavendish” and the guy who did “Super Friends” and “Mighty Max”. I also admire some of the guys, writers and cartoonists who are drawing a comic from scratch right now. I’m watching that happen.
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What comics would you recommend to a budding