What is the history of sketching? – Pencil Drawings Of Birds Flying


We know what you’re thinking — D.N.A. is shorthand for diode n-th order diode. “No No No No Nothin'” goes around the same time. And, yeah, that happened, too — a sketch is a drawing, after all.

But we’ve also been saying a lot of other things since this was written.

“The other thing people talk about the most, I guess, is the D.N.A. problem”

To find out more about that, check out some of our other stories of the past, including the story of a woman who got a little too excited about being first, the story of who was the last to see the show, and the story of a little girl’s first memory of the show — all from our archives.

The UTS Department of Geosciences and the University of Toronto have collaborated to build the largest and most advanced, non-invasive map to date of our planet’s continents’ geology and topography. The mapping effort — called Terrain Explorer — is a collaboration of the Universities of Sussex and Sussex and the University of Toronto.
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The UTS map was created to be a “bastion” on the Earth’s surface to monitor the natural processes that determine our planet’s geology and topography. The Terrain Explorer is composed of three interactive computer maps: Maps, Stations and Landscapes. The maps are based on research by the Terrain Survey (TS), an international research community of the highest academic standards and professional experience. Together they illustrate the distribution of major land forms and regions and help to clarify the geomorphology of the natural landforms they describe.

Map 1: The Map

The TS is working to map Earth’s surface in high resolution. A key objective of the Terrain Explorer is to map the topography of the Earth, in particular where the water levels are particularly high.

Map 1 is composed of three maps: Maps, Stations and Landscapes. The Maps map shows continents in high resolution, while Landscapes shows regions based on elevation and other parameters. Regions with highest elevation (over 50 metres) are represented by orange; those with the highest mean and median depths are green. The maps were built using two separate sets of the Global Terrain Models (GTM), which are global ground-based elevation reconstructions (GRAMs) developed by the TS

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