What is the history of sketching? – Amazing Pencil Drawings

I’ve always drawn. Like, I remember as a young artist doing it as a hobby in my parents’ living room, with a little pencil and pen. That’s it. Nowadays most illustrators work out of houses. You don’t necessarily need to be a professional illustrator, you can just show up at a store and get your own stuff made.

Who is your favorite artist of all time?

I don’t have an artist that is my favorite, but I feel like a certain artist represents me, and other artists, and so on. For me in particular, there’s artists like John McCrea or Tom Doherty, who I have a hard time imagining ever doing something differently and also being as successful. They’ve got a kind of genius that I have trouble looking at. They’re the same way with the characters I have the hard time really picturing, which are the most simple characters. I feel as though they’re very natural and in the right places, and I think a lot of it is their ability to draw something as static as a book, and then make a very organic transition to a very different dynamic between the character and the background. It’s not something that you can see, and you can’t find at the time. You can’t necessarily see the transition, and you can’t necessarily predict it as an artist. Then, in the artist’s hands you can see that transition and predict it. Some of those artists like John McCrea and I especially, I just can’t imagine the world, or seeing the way things are on a background, I like them more than the most of the contemporary artists.

In the future, when I was starting to go on to a degree in illustrative design, one of the things that struck me about those first sketches was the way that they had so much movement to them. They felt organic. It was very hard to do that now with pencils and pens, or digital. I feel like a lot of that work was going into the background and the shapes and the details, and so on. If it were in that environment, I might be able to do it more naturally.

Is it the same with your characters? Are you constantly drawing them?

They’re basically all done digitally by now, at least on my computer. I know some artists are still making things using pencils and ink, but I really don’t use pencil and paper any more anymore.

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